The tendency to invoke a national security framework in discussions of climate change can lead to misguided and opportunistic policies centered on greenwashed imperialism.

Over the past few years a handful of liberal environmentalists, pundits and scientists have been co-opting the language and methods of the National Security State in order to declare a “War on Climate Change.”

Musical Exploration

Who am I?
I am no one.
There is no me.
I can swing to
Duke Ellington
or find the pocket with
Johnny Lee Hooker
or bop to Miles Davis.
I can groove with
Manu Chao or
Gogol Bordello or
I can cry with 
阿妹 or
Whether the root of
the music is
español or
it doesn’t matter.

Who are you, who says
“I just don’t like the sound 
of Asian girls singing,
it sounds forced 
and fake and 
whiny” or
“Why can’t Latinos 
be serious about 
their music,
always have to be
happy and childish.”
You are no one.
There is no you.
Your discomfort with
exposes your


language influences thoughts?As a speaker of several languages, I’m intrigued by the Sapir-Whorf theory which, in its accepted version, states that the language we speak colors our thoughts and perceptions of reality. I’m sure I’m not the only one to ask some of the many questions this theory begs, like: What happens to…

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multilingualismAn article in the New York Times on the benefits of bilingualism discusses several recent studies on the advantages of growing up speaking more than one language. Apparently, multilingualism gives us a “heightened ability to monitor the environment,” making us more efficient problem…

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So this is less family related stuff and more about things I keep seeing around tumblr, which is this that many people out there seem to think that they can tell mixed people that our feelings and identities are invalid, in most cases despite not being mixed themselves. (And what really gets me is…

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Mixed hurts,

Mixed blood,

Mixed family.

Cream flesh,

Green eyes,

Brown Hair,

Words spoken,

So unfair…

Native Pride

Native Heart,

White skin,

Confused start.

My color too light

My eyes too bright.

Sorry sweety; you’re white.

Racial slurs,

Racial hate.

Those words,

Those names.

Branding my family…

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